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NPO Number: 191-129

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Bank Name: First National Bank

Account Name: Excellent Emelda Foundation

Bank Account: 62837011288

Account type: Business Account

Branch code: 120213

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    Excellence Emeldah Foundation: its the best in the province . I would rate it 5 out of 5. Of all the foundations in the province, I recommend it first. I wish it can get the financial support to continue to run and sustain its programs. I have seeing the foundation bring hope where there is none in public schools. They have an award ceremonies where they reward excellence n motivate learners to do more in their final examinations. The founder is Seja Emelda, she is a fire, when she enter the place, she leaves no stone unturned in terms of motivation.

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    Excellent Emelda Foundation is one type of a foundation that doesn't only speak to your mind but it also connects your heart and soul. It's a foundation that has child friendly founder and that makes it easy to open your heart and let all the problems flow out of your heart. I really love amd enjoy being part of Excellent Emelda Foundation♡♡♡. My name is Ramonyai Freddy the current grade 12 learner at Mankoeng High School. A chief director of Euphoric Youngsters Campaign and also the president of the Nelson Mandela Children's Parliament

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